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George Mason University Patriot Games: Extemp Round Robin Participants

George Mason University has finalized the participants for this year’s George Mason University Patriot Games Extemporaneous Speaking Round Robin.  Eight competitors representing eight different states will compete.  In the GMU Round Robin, extempers will face each other in one-on-one matches and the two extempers with the best records at the end of seven preliminary rounds will face off in the finals.  In last year’s tournament, Dillon Huff of Southlake Carroll High School in Texas bested Aaron Lutkowitz of Montgomery Bell Academy in the final round.  Per GMU Patriot Games rules, those extempers competing in the round robin are obligated to compete in the Patriot Games general tournament, which begins the day after the round robin.

Here are the eight extempers who have been selected to compete in the 2010 George Mason University Patriot Games Extemporaneous Speaking Round Robin:

R&D: Clinton Stirs Trouble in Florida, Nestor Kirchner’s Legacy, and Problems for the EU

Here is your R&D for October 29th:

Clinton Asked Democrat to Quit Florida Senate Race from the Wall Street Journal
Yesterday it was reported by Politico that President Bill Clinton tried to get Kendrick Meeks, the Democratic Party’s Senate candidate in Florida, to drop out so that Florida Governor Charlie Crist would have a better chance at defeating Republican candidate Marco Rubio.  The incident has angered some Democrats who feel that Meeks appearance on the ballot could lead to higher African-American turnout and assist Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink.

The passing of kirchnerismo from the Economist
The Economist evaluates former Argentinian President Nestor Kirchner’s political and economic legacy.  Kirchner passed away from a heart attack on Wednesday.

Brussels summit: Union dues from the Guardian
The European Union is in trouble because it has failed to quell the anxieties of Eurosceptics across the continent.  The Guardian analyzes what the EU has done wrong in this editorial.

2010 Florida Blue Key: Extemp Round Robin Results

Yesterday, the 2010 Florida Blue Key Tournament kicked off with round robins in extemporaneous speaking, public forum debate, and congressional debate. The extemporaneous speaking round robin had six competitors from three different states.

Here are the results of the 2010 Florida Blue Key Extemp Round Robin:

Champion: Nathaniel Donahue (Durham Academy, North Carolina)
2nd: Jared Odessky (Nova High School, Florida)
3rd: Rishi Bajaj (Trinity Prep, Florida)
4th: Catherine Chiodo (Des Moines Roosevelt High School, Iowa)
5th: Indira Puri (Durham Academy, North Carolina)
6th: Matt DeBari (Lake Highland Prep, Florida)

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MBA Bracketology Updated

See the changes that have been made to MBA Bracketology after the St. Mark’s Heart of Texas Invitational.  Click on the “MBA Bracketology” tab at the top of the page to find out who moved up and who moved down.

2010 Florida Blue Key: Extemp Round Robin Participants

Tomorrow, the 2010 Florida Blue Key Speech & Debate Tournament will begin in Gainesville, Florida on the University of Florida’s campus.  The tournament has an extemporaneous speaking round robin and six extempers have been invited to attend, two of which are currently ranked in the National Points Race.  They participants in this year’s Blue Key Extemp Round Robin are:

*Nathaniel Donahue (Durham Academy, North Carolina)
*Indira Puri (Durham Academy, North Carolina)
*Matt DeBari (Lake Highland Prep, Florida)
*Jared Odessky (Nova High School, Florida)
*Catherine Chiodo (Des Moines Roosevelt High School, Iowa)
*Rishi Bajaj (Trinity Prep, Florida)

Although the Florida Blue Key is not a National Points Race tournament, Extemp Central is considering adding it next year.  The finalists at Blue Key’s general tournament will earn bids to the 2011 Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions at Northwestern University.  Extemp Central wishes good luck to all of the participants in the round robin and in the general tournament this weekend.

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R&D: Indonesia’s Tsunami Survivors Get Aid, China’s Growing Global Responsibility, and Alaska’s Supreme Court Says It is OK to Give Voters a List of Write-In Candidates

Here is your R&D for October 28th:

Indonesia Disaster Survivors Get Aid as Planes, Vessels Arrive from Business Week
Food and supplies are being sent to survivors of Indonesia’s latest tsunami, which hit Sumatra on October 25th.  The tsunami was triggered by a volcanic eruption on a nearby island.  To date, the tsunami has killed 311 people and 378 others are missing.

China’s global responsibility growing from the Korean Times
This op-ed from the Korean Times argues that wealth will not make China a global superpower or even a respected international player.  Instead, it argues that China can only gain these things by not abusing its economic resources and respecting international institutions.

Alaska Supreme Court reverses ban on write-in candidate lists from the Los Angeles  Times
Alaska’s Supreme Court has ruled that the state Division of Elections can provide the write-in candidate lists to voters who need help at the polls.  The ruling is expected to benefit the state’s current Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski.

R&D: Nestor Kirchner Passes Away, the Prospects for Peace in Afghanistan, and Gallup Predicts a GOP Wave

Here is your R&D for October 27th:

Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner dies from the BBC
Nestor Kirchner, the man who helped steer Argentina out of its economic meltdown in 2002, died of a heart attack today.  Kirchner was rumored to be considering another presidential run in 2011.

Turning the Taliban Against Al Qaeda from the New York Times
In this New York Times op-ed, Scott Atran, an antropologist at France’s National Center for Scientific Research, argues that while talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban won’t bring reconciliation, it could end the country’s nine year war.

2010 Electorate Still Looking More Republican Than in the Past from Gallup
Gallup is predicting a huge election wave for Republicans, as they predict that voters in the 2010 midterms will be more Republican and more conservative than in previous midterm elections.

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of October 26th-November 1st, 2010

1.  With one week to go, who will win the midterm elections?
2.  Should states ban the use of food stamps to purchase sugary drinks?
3.  How will conditions that America has attached on recent aid to Pakistan impact relations between the two sides?
4.  Is early voting good for democracy?
5.  Should teacher rankings be published?
6.  What should the U.S. do to rein in private security companies in Afghanistan?
7.  Is the use of visual artists as cultural ambassadors abroad a good use of taxpayer dollars?
8.  Are fears of vote fraud for the 2010 midterms overstated?
9.  Is a requirement that voters to show proof of citizenship when they register to vote unconstitutional?
10.  How will violence at their last debate impact the Jack Conway-Rand Paul Senate race?

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Extemp Central News Quiz Answers for the Week of October 25th-29th, 2010

Here are the answers to this week’s Extemp Central news quiz.

Local Results: Union Catholic CFL Tournament (New Jersey)

Here are the results of the Union Catholic CFL Tournament, held in Union, New Jersey.

Champion:  Zachary Klein (Montville Township High School)
2nd:  Chuck Richardson (Montville Township High School)
3rd:  Nick Hansen (Ridge High School)
4th:  Sam Blumkin (Millburn High School)
5th:  Jay Patel (Ridge High School)
6th:  Chris Lim (Millburn High School)

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R&D: Chinese Version of WikiLeaks is on the Horizon, the Rise of the Coffee Party, and the G20s Trade and Currency Failures

Here is your R&D for October 26th:

Chinese whistleblower faces hard road from the Asia Times
Is a Chinese version of WikiLeaks in the making?  If so, can it produce real change in China?  This article seeks to find the answer.

Coffee Party seeks to outbrew Tea Party in US politics from the Agence France Presse
The Coffee Party, which is a progressive reaction to the conservative Tea Party movement, is trying to make its mark on American politics.

G20’s Tepid Economic Reform from the Council on Foreign Relations
The G20’s recent meeting in South Korea failed to mitigate problems in trade and currency imbalances leading some experts to argue that the organization has major shortcomings in making global economic policy.

HotTopics: International Extemp Questions for the Week of October 26th-November 1st, 2010

1.  What will be Lula da Silva’s legacy?
2.  Does Felipe Calderon’s proposal to allow civilian courts to try soldiers for abuses against civilians go far enough?
3.  Will Serbia make it into the EU before Turkey?
4.  How would UN recognition of an independent Palestinian state impact Middle East peace talks?
5.  Will French protests against pension reform efforts inspire more protests against austerity measures across the continent?
6.  How can Haiti combat its cholera outbreak?
7.  Should the international community be concerned about the cash payments Iran is sending to Afghanistan?
8.  Has the Congo’s expot ban on minerals in eastern provinces successfully reduced violence in the area?
9.  How will Russia’s upgrade of its Black Sea fleet impact Ukranian efforts to join NATO?
10.  Has China overtaken Japan as the dominant power in East Asia?

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Local Results: Guyer High School Wildcat Fever TFA Tournament (Texas)

Here are the results of the Guyer High School Wildcat Fever TFA Tournament, held at Guyer High School on October 23rd.

U.S. Extemp

Champion:  Arvind Venkataraman (Southlake Carroll High School)
2nd:  Rahfin Faruk (Richardson High School)
3rd:  Tim Dominguez (Southlake Carroll High School)
4th:  Sandra Silea (Frisco High School)
5th:  Travis Fife (Keller High School)
6th:  Kevin O’Brien (Southlake Carroll High School)
7th:  Barrett Rowston (Keller High School)
8th:  Yana Gololobova (Frisco High School)

Local Results: UTEP Forensics “Talk of Texas” TFA Qualifying Tournament (Texas)

Here are the results of the UTEP Forensics “Talk of Texas” Texas Forensic Association Qualifying Tournament, held at Bel Air High School on October 22nd and 23rd.

U.S. Extemp

Champion:  Adi Soto (Coronado High School)
2nd:  Dominique Egger (Franklin High School)
3rd:  Myranda Fernandez (Loretto Academy)
4th:  Andrea Liano (Loretto Academy)
5th:  Jamie Salazar (Chapin High School)
6th:  Carlos Chavira (Cathedral High School)

Local Results: Tall City “Lights Out” Speech and Debate Tournament (Texas)

Here are the results from the Tall City “Lights Out” Speech and Debate Tournament, held at Midland Lee High School on October 22nd and 23rd.

U.S. Extemp

Champion:  Alaina Brogan (Central High School)
2nd:  Christopher Casanova (Lubbock High School)
3rd:  Tanner Moore (Seminole High School)
4th:  Jeremy Franklin (Katy High School)
5th:  Sarah Murphy (Denver City High School)
6th:  Edgar Fonseca (Denver City High School)
7th:  Cheyenne Smith (Monahans High School)
8th:  Shawn Adams (Big Spring High School)

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