Extempers can always benefit from learning new techniques and strategies for their speaking style.  Below are a collection of strategy pieces, which were released as premium content for SpeechGeek subscribers during the 2013-2014 season.

Answering Controversial Domestic Social Questions

Answering “How” Questions

Answering Midterm Election Questions

Answering Narrative Questions

Answering Presidential Election Questions

Answering with a Thesis

Books in Extemp

Conclusions & Why They Matter

Effective Reading Strategies

Five Ways to Improve the Organization of Your File Boxes

Fluency in Extemporaneous Speaking

Framing Questions

Handling Political Cartoon Rounds

How to Improve

How to Use a Notecard

How to Write an Introduction

Impressing Judges

“Interping” Extemp

Maximizing Prep Time

Preparing for Nationals

Proper Time Allocation

Question Analysis

Source Diversity

Speaking in Front of Large Crowds

The Rhetorical Point

The Significance Statement

Tips for Dealing with Economic Questions

Transition Tips and Tricks

Using History in Extemporaneous Speaking