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Site News: E-Mail Address Change

Due to changes in the Western Kentucky University e-mail service, the e-mail address that you can reach us at for suggestions, results, etc. has changed.  The new address that you can reach us at is [email protected].  Change your e-mail address books accordingly!

Extemp Central Offseason News

With the end of NFL Nationals, the brief offseason has arrived for extempers across the nation.  As per usual, Extemp Central will not regularly update content during this period.  Over the next month, Extemp Central will piece together a roll call of state champions and put together a “year in review” piece for the site.

Check back on Monday, August 2nd for the start of the 2010-2011 season at Extemp Central with new R&D columns, new quizzes, new questions, and other resources.  A Wake Forest edition of the Ex Files will also be released at the end of August and will have interviews with Jacob Baker (2009-2010 National Points Race champion and NFL IX national champion) and Tyler Fabbri (NFL USX national champion).

Are there any features that you would like to see on Extemp Central?  If so, e-mail your suggestions to [email protected].  Have a good offseason!

Download the 4n6 Mobile Phone App

With the wealth of speech and debate websites available, it’s often hard to keep up-to-date on all the latest news, results, and commentary. SpeechGeek is excited to share the 4n6 app for mobile phones! The app is a free download available in the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Android Market.

Combining news and social content from the most popular forensics websites, 4n6 is the one-stop resource for high school speech and debate. News, tweets, and other social content is just a tap away. We are proud to partner with websites such as PFDebate, Victory Briefs Daily, Global Debate, The National Forensic League, Extemp Central, Forensics Community, The Forensics Posting Weekly, and to provide you with a tool for easy access to the best forensics content online.

We encourage users who also tweet to use the #4n6 hashtag in forensics-related tweets.  This helps to build a community of users and participants in the forensics discussion.

From your first prep to the final round at Nationals, 4n6 is the app for the true Speech Geek!

Keep reading to check out some screenshots of the app.

Extemp Central Recognized at the Extemp TOC!

Yesterday, Extemp Central was recognized at the Extemp TOC awards ceremony for its role in assisting the high school extemp community.  Although the TOC Service Award was awarded to me, I would like to say that the award should be shared with Corey Alderdice, our website manager, as well as everyone who has worked for the site since it came online in the summer of 2006:  Michael Garson, Colin West, Hunter Kendrick, Sebastian Pyrek, Adam Johnson, Stacey Chen, Mark Royce, Ian Panchevre, Omar Qureshi, Akshar Rambachan, Nicholas Cugini, Max Webster, David Tannenwald, Bill Thompson, Rob Warchol, Sarah Anand, Matt Arons, and Evan Larson.

Also, thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word about Extemp Central.  It continues to grow and it is good to know that many programs and students have found it useful over the last several years.   Without your support, this website would not exist.  Look for the return of R&D (based on CFL/NFL topic areas) starting late Monday evening, the wrap up of this year’s National Points Race, topic area brief books for CFL & NFL Nats, and other resources in the run up to NFL Nationals in Kansas City!

Extemp Central thanks the Extemp TOC and its staff for the recognition.

-Logan Scisco

The EX Files: From the Publisher

exfilesglenbrooks-01by Logan Scisco

With the 2009-2010 season underway it appears as if we are in for a wild ride.  With three national circuit tournaments completed there is no clear favorite for who will claim the NFL National Championship in Kansas City, Missouri.  As the National Points write up in this edition will show, there has not been a competitor so far this season to accumulate points at multiple national circuit tournaments, although some competitors have attended more than one.  Whether this differences are due to different geographic norms, inconsistency, or lack of travel due to the economy it is too early to tell.  However, the Ex Files staff sends out a large congratulations to all of the finalists in this year’s national circuit tournaments and to Emily Martin, Aaron Lutkowitz, and Dillon Huff for their victories at Wake, Yale, and St. Mark’s.

As most loyal readers can attest, this year has already seen some changes at Extemp Central, especially in the last month.  We hope that you enjoy our daily “top five” news stories and an expansion of the weekly questions offered from ten to twenty, being divided on Tuesday and Wednesday between United States and International topics.  Also, we hope that you are finding the weekly news quiz helpful so that you can brush up on events that happened during the previous week.  Extemp Central also looks forward to offering live coverage of the Montgomery Bell Extemp Round Robin in a few months and at the Extemp TOC later next semester.  We are also looking into the possibility of offering live coverage at NFL Nationals, although logistics are still being worked out.

In this issue, The Ex Files has a Glenbrooks preview with last year’s champion Stacey Chen, describes major events taking place in the National Points Race, provides an editor’s corner column on what significance statements are, and provides an updated topic brief on the healthcare debate.  The staff of The Ex Files wishes everyone good luck who is competing at Glenbrooks and George Mason as the semester draws to a close.  After George Mason, stay updated to Extemp Central for the release of the MBA Sweet Sixteen and a breakdown of the competitors who will be attending.

Before You Leave for This Weekend’s Tournament…

extempblock-01What a great week at Extemp Central!  This past week marked the roll out of several new features for the website and the expansion of some of your favorites!

We premiered our weekly sets of 10 International and United States practice questions.  Other services charge you for these resources.  We’d rather you have them for free.

Corey chatted about  charismatic lizards bent on global domination, Sesame Street’s 40th birthday and the HBO-bama documentary in our ever-growing AGD series.

Did our political insider guess Tuesday’s election results correctly?

We unveiled the daily Research & Development series. R&D provides readers with five must read articles each weekday from a variety of sources.  If you didn’t add these to your files before leaving for the tournament, then you’re missing out.

While Twitter expanded its new Lists features,  Extemp Central showed you how to better follow policy journals, politics, think tanks, a slew of media outlets domestic and abroad and more using the feature.

As always, we shared two news quizzes to test your knowledge of current affairs.  We even checked your answers.

Best of all, we’re not going anywhere!  Check back with us on Monday as we start with a brand new week of these features and more.  Also, be on the lookout for the next edition of The EX Files as the season continues.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about how we can make Extemp Central better.  Don’t hesitate to email us, comment on Facebook, or chirp at us on Twitter.

Changes Coming to Extemp Central Next Month

Starting next month, on November 2nd, there will be some changes appearing on Extemp Central.  We plan to debut axmas-party better rollout of content on a weekly basis to best assist the extemp community.  We are also open to additional suggestions you might have on how to make the website more user friendly or provide you with better resources.

The changes that will be implemented are:

1) Each day, Extemp Central will post links to five major news articles that you will want to read about global events.  These articles can come from newspaper sources, think tanks, policy journals, etc.  All of these are meant to diversify the readings extempers do and provide them with additional material if they are not cutting it for their files.

The Ex Files: From the Publisher

exfilesept09-01With the Wake Forest National Early Bird less than two weeks away, extempers across the country are preparing for the beginning of the 2009-2010 season.  Last season saw California emerge as a stronger extemp power, with Bellarmine College Prep’s impressive showing at NFL Nationals and saw Stacey Chen of North Allegheny Senior High School emerge as the first official Extemp Cental National Points Race champion.  North Allegheny Senior High School also managed to narrowly edge out Bellarmine College Prep for the National Team Points Race.

At Extemp Central, we look forward to another great season and questions have been posted on our site since the first week of August.  In a similar fashion, the staff of this year’s Ex Files looks forward to providing coverage of this year’s events in the extemp community.  We look forward to providing detailed coverage from the Montgomery Bell Extemp Round Robin, with pairings and results released as they happen, and the possibility exists of live coverage from the Wake Forest Early Bird, the Glenbrooks, and the Extemp Tournament of Champions as well.

This year’s Ex Files staff is also seeing some new additions.  We welcome Stacey Chen, Evan Larson (last year’s NFL United States Extemp national champion), Nicholas Cugini, Gilbert Lee (2000 NFL International Extemp national champion), Austin Wright (2009 NFA extemp national champion), and Rob Warchol to the staff this year.  Aside from staff turnover, there are also new features to the magazine including Editor’s Corner, where I will break down trends and strategies in extemporaneous speaking, and Extemp Roundtable, where members of our staff will evaluate an extemp question that extempers could see at a local or national tournament.

In this issue, The Ex Files has an interview with Chen, reveals the changes in the points structure of this year’s National Points Race, and provides a topic brief on the size of America’s budget deficit.  The staff of The Ex Files wishes everyone good luck who is competing at Wake Forest, Yale, St. Mark’s, and at local tournaments in the weeks and months ahead.  The next edition of The Ex Files will be released prior to the Glenbrooks tournament in early November.

Logan Scisco

Wake Forest Edition (Vol. 2, Iss. 1)
All links below are to PDFs of the original articles.

Complete Wake Forest Edition (.pdf)
From the Publisher
by Logan Scisco
Editor’s Corner: The Grand Slam
by Logan Scisco
2009-10 Extemp Central National Points Race
by Logan Scisco
Catching the Worm at the Wake Forest National Early Bird
by Max Webster
National Points Race Champion Interview with Stacey Chen
by Logan Scisco
Extemp Roundtable
with Nicholas Cugini, Mark Royce, Logan Scisco, and Rob Warchol
Topic Brief: Budget Deficit Politics
by Logan Scisco

The Season Begins!: Extemp Questions for the Week of August 4th-10th, 2009

Since it is the first Tuesday in August, here are the first questions of the questions 2009-2010 season from Extemp Central:

1. Should the U.S. negotiate with the Taliban to achieve a lasting solution in Afghanistan?
2. How can India maximize its economic potential?
3. Is Obama right on Honduras?
4. Should Blue Dog Democrats be worried about 2010?
5. Does the Fed need more economic power?
6. Can menu labeling laws a good tool in the fight against obesity?
7. What does the Natalia Estemirova’s kidnapping and murder say about the state of Chechnya?
8. Should Cameron cut Ashcroft loose?
9. How can the U.S. increase its leverage over Myanmar’s junta?
10. Do rating agency practices need to be reformed?

Also, don’t forget to become a fan of Extemp Central on facebook to receive the latest updates on web content. You can also join us at Twitter by clicking here.

Finally, don’t hesitate to comment on the posts on the site. User feedback is appreciated!

The EX Files: From the Publisher

xmas-partyIt is hard to imagine that the 2008-2009 competitive year is nearing its end. From Wake Forest to Albany, New York, the season has provided many twists and turns for extempers all across the country. Next week all eyes will converge on Birmingham, Alabama for the extemp version of “glory’s last shot.” NFL will the time when many seniors give the final extemp speeches of their careers and for many that dream will come to an end well before the final round. However, all achievements of personal glory can be seen as relative. For some, simply making the national tournament is the culmination of a career of hard work, while for others anything less than a national championship will result in disappointment.

This edition of The Ex Files will have a staple of Extemp Central of the last two years. Last year’s International Extemp runner-up Omar Qureshi has written a topic area analysis for International extempers while Colin West (2006 US Extemp National Champion) and myself (2003 US Extemp Final Round National Champion) have collaborated on the topic area analysis for U.S. extempers. This edition also includes a topic brief on North Korea, a national tournament psychology summary by Qureshi, an extensive overview of the NFL National tournament by 2002 International Extemp runner-up Mark Royce, a discussion of extemp styles by Sebastian Pyrek, and then an NFL roundtable discussion with Michael Garson (2005 International Extemp finalist), Royce, and myself.

This is the last edition of The Ex Files for the 2008-2009 competitive year. We are pleased by the amount of support given to us by the extemp community and we hope to provide you with another year of topic briefs, topic area analysis, and strategy articles for the next competitive year. Announcements about additions to staffing for next year’s magazine will be made on the website over the summer and any suggestions for future content can be directed to me at [email protected]. Thank you for your continued support of the site and this magazine and thank you to all of those who have contributed results and feedback to me this season. On behalf of myself and the staff of The Ex Files, good luck to all the extempers competing at NFL!

Logan Scisco

NFL Nationals Edition (Volume 1, No. 7)
All links below are to PDF versions of the individual articles.

Complete NFL Nationals Edition (.pdf file)
From the Publisher
by Logan Scisco
Extemp Central National Points Race by Logan Scisco
2009 NFL Nationals International Extemp Topic Area Analysis by Omar Quershi
2009 NFL Nationals United States Extemp Topic Area Analysis by Colin West and Logan Scisco
NFL Roundtable Discussion by Michael Garson, Mark Royce, and Logan Scisco
Extemporaneous Speaking at NFL Nationals
by Mark Royce
National Tournament Psychology
by Omar Quershi
On Developing Style by Sebastian Pyrek
Topic Brief: North Korean Aggression by Logan Scisco

Ex Files Correction & TOC News

In the latest Ex Files the number of points given for the CFL National exfiles tournament were listed wrongly. The correct point values are as follows:

1st-150 pts.
Semi-finalists: 25


Also, the Extemp TOC begins tomorrow morning at 8 AM at Northwestern University. Following prelims and as soon as breaks become available, Extemp Central will try to provide you with an update on semi-finalists.

There is a smaller field at the TOC than last year, possibly because of the swine flu scare and travel difficulties for the state of Texas. There are 45 competitors in the field.

Due to numbers, the TOC has decided that it will now break to semi-finals in elimination rounds and has made the decision that there will be two rounds of semi-finals like NFL Nationals. This is a great decision as it will allow maximum rotation in these semi-finals and still preserves the number of expected elimination rounds at the tournament.

The EX Files: From the Publisher

xmas-partyOver the next two weeks, two crucial tournaments on the extemp calendar take place: the Extemp TOC at Northwestern University and the CFL national tournament in Albany, New York. These tournaments have big implications for the national points race, which has not moved since our last edition because of the “dull period” in April, and provide an early test for extempers seeking to write their names into the national record books.

To provide some information about the TOC, Ex Files contributor and TOC co-tournament director Michael Garson, sat down for an interview about the tournament, sharing some details on how it operates and how it hopes to grow in the coming years.

In preparation for the CFL tournament, this issue will provide a breakdown of the eight topic areas. This topic breakdown will provide a synopsis of major issues and some sample questions for extempers to practice with before the tournament.

Rounding out this issue are a topic brief over the future of the Supreme Court after David Souter’s departure and how Obama might go about choosing a nominee. We also have an article on canned intros from Hunter Kendrick and Omar Qureshi, both of which were finalists last year in IX at NFL Nationals.

The next issue of The Ex Files will be a NFL Nationals preview, which will feature an USX and IX topic area breakdown by Colin West (2006 NFL USX National Champion) and Omar Qureshi (2008 NFL IX Runner-Up). This will also feature an update on the national points race, a roundtable discussion of NFL, and a few strategy articles by our writers.
As always, the staff of The Ex Files thanks you for your support of this magazine and Extemp Central. Good luck in the prep room and at the Extemp TOC and CFL Nationals!

-Logan Scisco

TOC and CFL Nationals Edition (Volume 1, No. 6)

TOC & CFL Nationals Edition (.pdf file)
Extemp Central National Points Race
by Logan Scisco
2009 CFL Nationals Extemp Topic Area Analysis
by Logan Scisco
Inside the Extemp TOC: An Interview with Michael Garon
by Logan Scisco
Can Do and Don’ts: A Discussion of Canned Intros in Extemp
by Hunter Kendrick and Omar Qureshi
David Souter Retirement
by Logan Scisco

Site Updates!

The NFL qualifiers section has been updated. I currently need a listing of state champions for the 2009 year, so if you have that information please send it to me so I can update the state champions page.

Also, the TOC/CFL edition of the Ex Files will be released early this week (Monday or Tuesday). It will have a discussion of canned intros, an interview with TOC co-tournament director Michael Garson, and a topic area breakdown for CFL.

Site Announcements: National Qualifiers, Spring Ex Files, and Kentucky State Questions

Do you have a list of national qualifiers for your NFL District? If so, comment below so that Extemp Central can recognize these individuals or send the names of the qualifiers (with school name if possible) to [email protected].

Also, to follow up on a previous post, the new edition of the Ex Files will be released by April 1st, and that is not a joke!

Finally, questions that were used at the Kentucky CFL District tournament, the Kentucky KESDA tournament, and the Kentucky High School Speech League (KHSSL) state tournament will be posted to the site by late Saturday for extempers looking for lots of questions to prepare for upcoming tournaments.

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