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2011 Barkley Forum: Finalists Announced

Here are the extemp finalists in this year’s Barkley Forum.  All of these competitors (as well as the semi-finalists) will receive National Points Race points. The round will take place at 11:15 a.m. EST.

*Isabelle Taft (Henry W. Grady High School, Georgia)
*Nathaniel Donahue (Durham Academy, North Carolina)
*Paavan Gami (Southside High School, South Carolina)
*Jared Odessky (Nova High School, Florida)
*Matt Linn (The University School, Florida)
*Bruno Mastrodicasas (St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Florida)

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Tournament Notice: The 2nd Annual Texas Capital City Extemp Round Robin

Extemp Central would like to make its followers in Texas aware of the Texas Capital City Extemporaneous Speaking Round Robin, which will be held at Westover Church of Christ across from L.C. Anderson High School on February 11-12, 2011.  The tournament’s goal is to showcase the top sixteen extempers from the Lone Star State and will feature six preliminary rounds and an Exhibition Round for the top four competitors.  All rounds will utilize a three minute cross-examination format.  All preliminary rounds will be adjudicated by three judges, while the Exhibition Round will have a five judge panel.

Claire Daviss of Winston Churchill High School, the TFA state champion in United States Extemporaneous Speaking and Lincoln-Douglas Debate, was the winner of last year’s inaugural event.  Haydn Forrest of L.C. Anderson High School took second, Sam Scott of Plano Senior High School took third, and Ali Mavrakis of Plano West Senior High School took fourth.

Interested coaches should contact Joseph Uhler at [email protected].

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George Mason University Patriot Games: Extemp Round Robin Participants

George Mason University has finalized the participants for this year’s George Mason University Patriot Games Extemporaneous Speaking Round Robin.  Eight competitors representing eight different states will compete.  In the GMU Round Robin, extempers will face each other in one-on-one matches and the two extempers with the best records at the end of seven preliminary rounds will face off in the finals.  In last year’s tournament, Dillon Huff of Southlake Carroll High School in Texas bested Aaron Lutkowitz of Montgomery Bell Academy in the final round.  Per GMU Patriot Games rules, those extempers competing in the round robin are obligated to compete in the Patriot Games general tournament, which begins the day after the round robin.

Here are the eight extempers who have been selected to compete in the 2010 George Mason University Patriot Games Extemporaneous Speaking Round Robin:

2010 Florida Blue Key: Extemp Round Robin Participants

Tomorrow, the 2010 Florida Blue Key Speech & Debate Tournament will begin in Gainesville, Florida on the University of Florida’s campus.  The tournament has an extemporaneous speaking round robin and six extempers have been invited to attend, two of which are currently ranked in the National Points Race.  They participants in this year’s Blue Key Extemp Round Robin are:

*Nathaniel Donahue (Durham Academy, North Carolina)
*Indira Puri (Durham Academy, North Carolina)
*Matt DeBari (Lake Highland Prep, Florida)
*Jared Odessky (Nova High School, Florida)
*Catherine Chiodo (Des Moines Roosevelt High School, Iowa)
*Rishi Bajaj (Trinity Prep, Florida)

Although the Florida Blue Key is not a National Points Race tournament, Extemp Central is considering adding it next year.  The finalists at Blue Key’s general tournament will earn bids to the 2011 Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions at Northwestern University.  Extemp Central wishes good luck to all of the participants in the round robin and in the general tournament this weekend.

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2010 Wake Forest National Early Bird: Finalists Revealed

The semi-finals of the 2010 Wake Forest National Early Bird have concluded and the six extempers who will compete in tomorrow’s final round on Wake Forest’s campus have been announced.  All of these extempers will earn points in the National Points Race for themselves and their respective schools.  Judges for the final round are not known at this time.

Extemp Central thanks Dr. Steve Moss for providing live updates from the tournament.

2010 Wake Forest National Early Bird: Semi-Finalists Announced

Thanks to Dr. Steve Moss, Extemp Central has the names of the extempers who made semi-finals at the 2010 Wake Forest National Early Bird, the first tournament that will count in the 2010-2011 Extemp Central National Points Race.

Check out the sectioning for semi-finals after the jump.  Since Wake Forest is a fifth tier tournament, only those extempers who make finals will receive National Points Race points.

Live from the Extemp TOC: How Pairings Unfolded

Unfortunately, the lack of a wireless connection prohibited live coverage from yesterday’s elimination rounds at the TOC.  Despite that, this post contains the pairings for the quarter-final, semi-final, and final rounds so everyone can see how the tournament developed.  The number in parenthesis is the seeding of the extemper based on preliminary results.  It took a cumulative score of 32 across 11 ballots (the lowest rank of each extemper was dropped in prelims) to break to quarter-finals.

Live from the Extemp TOC: Day One is Complete, Bad News About Updates

The first day of competition at the Extemp TOC has concluded.  There were a few drops, which reduced the field to 67 competitors.  Quarter-finals is scheduled to go off tomorrow at 8 a.m., with an announcement of the 24 quarter-final participants scheduled at 7:30 a.m.  Unfortunately, Northwestern University wasn’t very accomodating with their wireless passwords for guests across the entire campus so the live updates we had planned will likely not be able to take place.  If anything changes, Extemp Central will let you know but results will be posted around 2 or 3 in the morning on Monday.

Some of the notable people competing in this year’s TOC include:  Nabeel Zewail, Oscar Wang, Nathaniel Donahue, Mirza Germovic, Shaan Heng-Devan, Haydn Forrest, Audrey Denis, Emily Martin, Amelia Martin, and Kat Leung.  There are others in the field, but these were some that were spotted at registration/early this morning.

Live from the Extemp TOC: Tournament Registration is Finalized

Registration for the Extemp TOC concluded several hours ago and Extemp Central can provide some information about this year’s eighth annual Extemp Tournament of Champions (TOC) at Northwestern University.  This year’s tournament has 69 competitors, which is twenty more than last year’s competition.  Tournament directors are attributing this to increased Texas participation in this year’s field and the lack of swine flu scares.  The expanded field will allow the tournament to break to quarter-finals on Sunday.  Also, unlike last year’s competition, all rounds will be held at Northwestern’s campus tomorrow and Sunday.

For those unfamiliar with the TOC, the tournament has six preliminary rounds of competition.  Each round has two judges and competitors have their lowest prelim rank dropped.  The first four preliminary rounds are preset and the last two are power matched.  In elimination rounds, the tournament utilizes five judge panels (seven for finals) and open cross-examination.  For competitors who do not make elimination rounds, there is a supplemental impromptu competition that they can enter.

Extemp Tournament of Champions (TOC): Extemp Topic Areas

The Extemp TOC, a third tier tourament in the Extemp Central National Points Race, is a little over two weeks away.  Thanks to the tournament staff of the TOC, Extemp Central has procured what the nine topic areas will be for the event.  For extempers who are attending and would like to have this information here you go:

*Domestic Politics
*Domestic Social Issues
*Domestic Economy
*US Foreign Policy
*Russia & Europe
*Asia & Middle East
*South America & Africa
*International Organizations & International Economy

If all goes well, Extemp Central plans to do some live coverage of the tournament from Northwestern University’s campus.  So if you can’t attend the TOC we hope that you can follow the action of the tournament right here at Extemp Central in two weeks.

2010 Extemp Tournament of Champions (TOC): Registration is Posted

For those interested in competing in one of the more unique tournaments of the year, the Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions at Northwestern University, the registration form has been posted online at the TOC’s website.  The Extemp TOC has existed since 2003 and offers one of the more competitive fields of the season.  Last year, the top three competitors in the National Points Race:  Stacey Chen, Dillon Huff, and Matt Arons fought it out in the final round.  This year’s TOC is a third tier tournament in the Extemp Central National Points Race and it will award 100 points to the winner.

The tournament also boasts one of the stronger judging fields in the nation with former extempers and recognized high school and collegiate coaches evaluating extempers performances.  Extempers are guaranteed six preliminary rounds and for those that do not break to elimination rounds there is a supplemental impromptu competition that they can enter.

The cost per covered entry is $125 (one judge may cover two entries) and there is a $40 entry processing fee.  Extempers can look at the invitation for the tournament on the TOC”s website to see if they meet the eligibilty requirements.  The deadline for registering for the tournament and paying these fees is May 7th.

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you can submit a bid application.  The deadline for this is April 1st.  The cost of a bid application is $25.

Extemp Central plans to do some live blogging from the tournament this year so those that cannot make the tournament will receive updated information about pairings/results/etc.  However, it is hoped that extempers around the country plan to attend this year’s TOC.

2010 California Invitational @ Berkley: Extemp Finalists

While extempers were dueling at Harvard, there is another major extemp tournament occurring on the other side of the United States.  The 2010 California Invitational tournament at Berkley has announced its finalists and here they are:

*Jacob Baker (Bellarmine College Prep, California)
*James Thomas (Bellarmine College Prep, California)
*Ben Mabie (James Logan HS, California)
*Ali Hazrati (Bellarmine College Prep, California)
*Nabeel Zewail (San Marino High School, California)
*Amode Tembhekar (Leland High School, California)
*Pradhan Bhat (Granite Bay High School, California)

The winner will earn 40 points in the National Points Race.  The National Points Race makes no provision for seventh place at national circuit events so whomever finishes seventh in this round will earn no points.

Not at Harvard? Follow Updates via Joy of Tournaments

If you happen to be on a snow day or sitting in the squad room and wondering how things are going at the 2010 Harvard Invitational, you can follow updates and live tab information via the Joy of Tournaments website.

Extemp Semifinalists:
Haydn Forrest (Anderson High School)
Brandon Slotkin (Nova Sr High School)
Mike Barton (Regis High School)
Ricky Altieri (Regis High School)
Gabi Barahona (Spring High School)
Rohun Pai (Ridge High School)
Peter Vogel (Ridge High School)
Kyle Mulholland (Holy Ghost Prep)
Shahid Ahmed (Plano Senior High School)
Audrey Denis (Berkeley Carroll)
Bari Saltman (Berkeley Carroll)
Karen Zhou (Lakeville North High School)

2010 Extemp Tournament of Champions (TOC): Invitation is Posted!

The administrators of the Extemp Tournament of Champions have posted the invitation for the 2010 installment of their event on their website.  The tournament offers a solid field of competition and has six preliminary rounds and three elimination rounds.

The tournament will be held from May 14-16, 2010 at Northwestern University and is a must attend event.  The Extemp TOC is also a third tier tournament in this year’s National Points Race and will award 100 points to the winner.

To access the invitation to this year’s Extemp Tournament of Champions click here.

The National Forensic League Needs Your Vote

A message from Adam Jacobi, the Coordinator of Member Programs and Coach Education at the National Forensic League:

NFL is a finalist for Pepsi’s Refresh Everything grant, which helps groups from across the country improve their local communities. NFL’s proposal will create weekend-long communication leadership summits in six major cities for students and teachers in Title I schools. Most of the grant money will be given directly to students, teachers, and coaches in the six major cities we serve. That’s over $210,000 directly into the hands of deserving students and educators.

We need your help to reach our goal! Grant recipients will be decided by community votes. Voting is open now! You may vote every day from today through the end of February.

Please visit now to read our entire proposal and vote to make speech and debate education available to new populations.

Go ahead and cast your vote today!  Voting ends February 28th.

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