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State Results: 2011 Kentucky Educational Speech & Drama Association (KESDA) State Tournament

Here are the results of the 2011 Kentucky Educational Speech & Drama Association (KESDA) State Tournament.  All of these finalists have earned automatic qualifications to the 2011 Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions (TOC) at Northwestern University.

Champion: Emily Martin (Boone County High School)
2nd: Joe Weston (Danville High School)
3rd: Nate Johnson (Danville High School)
4th: Lawrence Rogers (Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School)
5th: Teagan Dolan (Rowan County Senior High School)
6th: Alexis Caddell (Boone County High School)

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R&D: Majority Favor Government Shutdown, Ireland’s New Election Could Lead to EU Battle, and Palin’s Numbers Fall in Iowa

Here is your R&D for February 28th:

58% Favor Government Shutdown Until Spending Cuts Are Agreed Upon from Rasmussen Reports
Polling service Rasmussen, which leans right, has just released a poll which shows that 58% of Americans favor a government shutdown until spending cuts are agreed upon.  Republicans are likely to seize on the data to press Democrats for spending cuts.

With New Government, EU Could Become Next Battleground from Der Spiegel
Ireland’s recent elections have ushered in a new government and voters expect it to renegotiate the terms of the country’s bailout with the European Union and that could create a bloodbath in Brussels.

Palin’s Numbers Dip in Iowa from the Atlantic
If Sarah Palin wants to mount a presidential bid, she needs to do more to win over primary voters as a new poll among likely Republican voters in Iowa conducted by the Des Moines Register shows that the number of voters who have a favorable opinion of her have declined since 2009.

Extemp Central News Quiz for the Week of February 28th-March 4th, 2011 (Short Answer Version)

Here is your Extemp Central short answer news quiz for this week. Good luck!

Extemp Central News Quiz for the Week of February 28th-March 4th, 2011 (Multiple Choice Version)

Here is your Extemp Central multiple choice news quiz for this week.  Pick well and good luck!

2011 Extemp TOC: TOC Qual Board is Updated to Reflect Harvard, the California Invitational, the University of Pennsylvania Liberty Bell Classic, and the Salina High Central Forensic Invitational

The qualification board for the 2011 Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions has been updated to reflect last week’s busy TOC qualifying weekend. We appreciate everyone who helped us gather results from these tournaments.

Thirty-four extempers qualified to the Extemp TOC last week, bringing the total number of extempers qualified to the TOC at 260. California qualified more extempers than any other state last week with fourteen.  New York followed with six, Texas and New Jersey had four, and Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania added one qualifier to their totals. Sixty-one extempers earned their first TOC leg last week and the total number of potential qualifiers now stands at 336.  These extempers will have one last opportunity to qualify this weekend under category at the Robert D. Clark High School Tournament at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon and the Vestavia Hills High School Tournament at Vestavia Hills High School in Vestavia Hills, Alabama.

After next week, the qual board will remove all of the potential qualifiers for the TOC and will settle in on who has qualified under each of the three TOC categories.  The focus will then shift to state tournament results because all state finalists at state tournaments held prior to April 15th will earn an automatic TOC qualification under category 2C.

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2010-2011 National Points Race Standings Are Updated to Reflect Harvard and the California Invitational

The 2010-2011 Extemp Central National Points Race and National Team Points Race standings have been updated to reflect the results of Harvard and the California Invitational. Check out the newest standings by clicking on the National Points Race tab above or by clicking here.

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R&D: Egypt’s Political Future, Taiwan is Not Buying China’s Agenda, and the Impact of a Saudi Revolt Globally

Here is your R&D for February 25th:

Islam and Politics in Egypt from the Council on Foreign Relations
Is Egypt headed towards a theocracy?  Not according to Dina Shehata, Senior Researcher of the Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, in this interview with the Council on Foreign Relations.

Taiwan’s commonsense consensus from the Economist
China had hoped that closer economic cooperation with Taiwan would allow it to enact a one China policy through soft power, but it’s not quite working out that way for Beijing.

If the Saudis revolt, the world’s in trouble from the UK Telegraph
Global investors are anxiously waiting to see if the protests that are engulfing the Middle East reach Saudi Arabia.  If they do, the chances of a global economic recovery will be significantly reduced.

2011 Harvard National High School Invitational Forensic Tournament: Donahue Wins Second National Points Race Tournament of the Year

Nathaniel Donahue’s streak of top three finishes in the National Points Race continued at Harvard last weekend, as the North Carolina extemper won his second National Points Race tournament of the year.  The victory gives Donahue one hundred points in the National Points Race and provides further distance between he and the rest of the field.  Curan Mehra of Scarsdale High School in New York, who won Yale earlier this season and finished sixth at the Montgomery Bell Extemp Round Robin in January, placed second.  Shikha Garg of Plano Senior High School in Texas placed third in her third final round appearance at a National Points Race tournament this year.  The other extemper in the final round that was making a multiple final round finish in a National Points Race tournament was Peter Vogel of Ridge High School.  Vogel took third at Yale earlier this year and took fifth last weekend.

All of the elimination round participants earned TOC bids and all of the extempers who made the quarter-final round and beyond earned National Points Race points.  The National Points Race will be updated tomorrow to reflect the results of Harvard and the California Invitational.

Here are the full results.  A .pdf of the results can be found at the tournament website:

Champion:  Nathaniel Donahue (Durham Academy, North Carolina)
2nd:  Curan Mehra (Scarsdale High School, New York)
3rd:  Shikha Garg (Plano Senior High School, Texas)
4th:  Henry Chapman (Millburn High School, New Jersey)
5th:  Peter Vogel (Ridge High School, New York)
6th:  Sam Reynolds (Mount Lebanon Senior High School, Pennsylvania)

2011 California Invitational: Tembhekar Defends Championship; Leland Takes Top Three

At last weekend’s California Invitational at Berkeley, a fifth tier tournament in the National Points Race, Amode Tembhekar successfully defended his championship and earned forty points in this year’s National Points Race.  Tembhekar’s school, Leland High School, took the top three places at the tournament, an impressive feat that will make the team a contender in this year’s National Team Points Race standings.  The only finalist who had earned points at a National Points Race Tournament so far this year was Louis Li, last year’s California state champion in International Extemporaneous Speaking.  Li finished sixth this year at Glenbrooks and finished fourth last weekend.  Thank you to Robert Sheard and Chris Wardner for providing us with results.

Since the California Invitational is an Extemp TOC qualifier, all of the elimination round participants earned Extemp TOC bids.  The top six finishers earned National Points Race points and the National Points Race will be updated tomorrow to reflect the results of Harvard and Berkeley.

Champion:  Amode Tembhekar (Leland High School, California)
2nd:  Adil Majid (Leland High School, California)
3rd:  Mihir Bhaskar (Leland High School, California)
4th:  Louis Li (Monte Vista High School, California)
5th:  James Thomas (Bellarmine College Prep, California)
6th:  Myke Samuels (Cherry Creek High School, Colorado)
7th:  Conor Bean (Miramonte High School, California)

TOC Qualifier Results: The University of Pennsylvania Liberty Bell Classic

Here are the results from the University of Pennsylvania Liberty Bell Classic, held at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 18th-20th.  The tournament was an Extemp TOC qualifier and all elimination round participants earned TOC bids.  Extemp Central thanks the tab room for putting the results of the tournament online.

Champion:  Justin Kieran (Independent Entry)
2nd:  Ana Guay (Convent of the Sacred Heart, New York)
3rd:  Camille Petersen (Villa Walsh Academy, New Jersey)
4th:  Kyle Mulholland (Holy Ghost Preparatory, Pennsylvania)
5th:  Benjamin Rogers (Holy Ghost Preparatory, Pennsylvania)
6th:  Rohit Bhandari (J.P. Taravella Senior High School, Florida)

TOC Qualifier Results: The Salina High Central Forensics Invitational

Here are the results from the Salina High Central Forensics Invitational, held at Salina-Central High School in Salina, Kansas on February 18th-19th.  The tournament was an Extemp TOC qualifier and all elimination round participants earned TOC bids.  We appreciate the tournament sending us the results of the tournament.  All finalists were from Kansas.

U.S. Extemp

Champion:  Ben Honeycutt (Buhler High School)
2nd:  Kanan Boor (Buhler High School)
3rd:  Mia Richardson (Sumner Academy)
4th:  Fernando Cardenas (Sumner Academy)
5th:  Emily Thompson (Buhler High School)
6th:  Sara Prendergast (Sacred Heart High School)

Extemp Central News Quiz Answers for the Week of February 21st-25th, 2011

Here are the answers to this week’s Extemp Central news quiz.  Good luck!

R&D: Assange Extradition Ordered, Wisconsin Advances Its Budget Debate, and Muslims Sue the FBI

Here is your R&D for February 24th:

Assange to appeal extradition to Sweden from the Sydney Morning Herald
A British judge has ordered the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange today.  However, Assange’s lawyers say he will appeal the ruling.

Wisconsin lawmakers agree to advance budget debate from the Los Angeles Times
Democratic lawmakers in the Wisconsin state assembly have agreed to limit the number of amendments they will introduce to Scott Walker’s budget bill.  The agreement will allow floor debate to end at noon today.

Lawsuit alleges FBI violated Muslims’ freedom of religion from the Washington Post
A class action lawsuit alleges that the FBI violated Muslims constitutional rights by targeting them because of their religion.  The FBI sent informants into Muslim communities in an attempt to find potential terrorists.

R&D: Rahm Emanuel is Elected Mayor of Chicago, Libya Unrest Could Send Gas Over $5, and Solutions for Somalia

Here is your R&D for February 23rd:

Rahm Emanuel’s rules for victory from Politico
Rahm Emanuel is the new mayor of Chicago after winning the first city election without a sitting mayor on the ballot in 64 years.  This article breaks down how Rahm was able to win.

If Libyan unrest spreads, gas could reach $5 from USA Today
Although extempers should avoid using USA Today in an extemp speech when possible, this article provides insight into how Libya’s unrest could sent gas prices near $5 a gallon.

The scourge of Somalia from the Los Angeles Times
This editorial from the Los Angeles Times contends that a military approach can’t work to end Somali piracy and that what Somalia needs most is a functioning government.

HotTopics: International Extemp Questions for the Week of February 22nd-28th, 2011

1.  Would Angela Merkel be in a better political position if she had not supported EU bailouts?
2.  If the international community gives food aid to North Korea, what strings should be attached to it?
3.  After the disputed election result in Uganda, what should African states be doing to ensure a free and fair election process?
4.  Does the killing of four Americans by Somali pirates demonstrate a significant escalation of tactics?
5.  Why has security in Afghanistan deteriorated?
6.  Will Gaddafi hold on? 
7.  Can ASEAN bring a halt to the Cambodia-Thai border clashes?
8.  Is the IMF making the Greek governments attempts to sell austerity measures harder?
9.  How will North African and Middle East protests impact the global economy?
10.  Should the international community sanction Libya?

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