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2009-2010 Extemp Central National Points Race: Fifth Tier Tournaments

pointsraceheader-01As was revealed yesterday, the 2009-2010 Extemp Central National Points Race will see some adjustments. The major adjustment is that there will be five tiers of tournaments as opposed to three. Extemp Central begins to release the tournaments that have been selected for this year’s points race today by detailing the three tournaments that will make up the fifth tier (lowest tier) of the points race.

2009-2010 Extemp Central National Points Race Countdown

In a little over 40 days, the 2009-2010 Extemp Central National Points Race pointsracetrophies-01 will kick off.  The points race, whose purpose it is to award the extemper who has achieved the best results at a collection of nationally recognized tournaments, will see some adjustments from last season.  For example, this year tournaments will be organized into five tiers as opposed to three.

Over the next five days, Extemp Central will gradually release the names of tournaments that have been selected for the national points race, the tier that they will occupy, and the rationale for placing them in that tier.  The tournaments that will make up the tournament’s fifth tier, the lowest tier on the national points race, will be released tomorrow.

To find out more details about this year’s points race, check out the first edition of this year’s Ex Files, set to be released at the end of August.

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Extemp Central National Points Race 2008-09 Final Standings


by Logan Scisco

Spreadsheet of Final Individual Standings
Spreadsheet of Final Team Standings

Now that the Birmingham NFL Nationals is complete, the Extemp National Points Race has concluded.  This year’s individual points race was decided before the national tournament began when Dillon Huff and Matt Arons were not at the tournament, which handed the individual points championship to Stacey Chen of North Allegheny Senior High School in Pennsylvania.  However, the team points race ended up tighter than expected, thanks to a late surge from Bellarmine College Prep in California.

The Extemp Central National Points Race covered a wide range of tournament this year, starting with the Wake Forest National Early Bird and concluding with the 2009 NFL National tournament.  Next year, there will be some adjustments made to the national points race, so that bigger national circuit tournaments like Glenbrooks and Harvard receive more points than the Wake Forest National Early Bird, the University of Pennsylvania Liberty Bell Classic, and the California Invitational.  These changes will be detailed in the first edition of next year’s Ex Files, which is set to be released a week before Wake Forest.

While the below descriptions of individual and team points race will only list the top fifteen and top ten, a full version of the standings will be made available on the Extemp Central site so that competitors and schools who did not crack the top fifteen can see where they finished.

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