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Northwest TOC

2019 Extemp TOC: The First Qualification Board is Released!

tocThe first qualification board for the 2019 Extemp Tournament of Champions (EOC) at Northwestern University has been posted.  The board reflects the results of the 2018 Catholic Forensic League (CFL) Grand National Tournament, the 2018 National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) National Tournament, and state tournaments that took place after April 8, 2018.  This qualification board can be accessed by clicking here or putting your cursor over the TOC tab above and then selecting the “Extemp TOC Qual Board” sub-menu.

Extemp Central will also be assembling a qualification board for the University of Kentucky Tournament of Champions (TOC) and will be posting that in the immediate future.

Site News: Kicking Off the 2018-2019 Season

buzzWelcome to the 2018-2019 season at Extemp Central.  We have an updated look for the upcoming year, which will kickoff in a month’s time with the Grapevine Classic in Texas and the National Speech and Debate Season Opener at the University of Kentucky.

The site came back “online” in the second half of last season.  This year, Extemp Central will be providing the following content:

  • New International and United States Extemp questions will be posted every Monday.
  • A “news quiz” for extempers will come back but will only be posted once or twice a month depending upon when I am able to assemble one.  This will become a monthly feature and when it is posted it will go up on Wednesdays.
  • The weekly R&D feature will return, with tweets of 10-15 important articles provided for extempers’ files on Fridays.
  • Coverage of the national circuit will occur.  If you go to the “calendar” tab at the top of the page it will show you a season calendar that includes tournaments for the National Points Race, the University of Kentucky TOC, and the Extemp TOC.  This is still a work in progress as the dates for some tournaments are unknown.  Write ups of tournaments will be posted on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  We also welcome the delivery of local tournament results and wish to post those this season.  As always, if you have results of national circuit or local tournaments, please e-mail them to us because that is how we can have a timely delivery of them on the site.
  • The National Points Race will resume for 2018-2019.  The structure will remain the same and can be found at the National Points Race tab.
  • When tournament results come in, expect for there to be qualification boards for the UK TOC and Extemp TOC.  When we get into the national qualifiers portion of the schedule, there will be a qualification board for that as well.
  • Previews of “big tournaments” such as the MBA Round Robin and NSDA Nationals will return.

Providing all of this content will be free, but I do encourage readers to donate to us via PayPal by clicking on the PayPal donation button to the side of the page or embeded into various posts.  Give what you can, whether it is $1 or $100, but all donations are appreciated to keep the site going and content flowing.

I look forward to what the 2018-2019 season will bring and wish all extempers and coaches the best of luck.

-Logan Scisco

HotTopics: International Extemp Questions for the Week of July 30-August 5, 2018

HOTtopics1. Can Imran Khan deliver stability to Pakistan?
2. How can governments best protect their elections from foreign interference?
3. Can the Iranian government continue to support proxy forces in Yemen and Syria over the long-term?
4. Does the life of Theresa May’s government hinge on the Chequers Plan?
5. Can decentralization bring about peace in Syria?
6. Does Macron have the political capital to continue reforming the French economy?
7. Is it in Russia’s best interest to be a friend or foe of the United States?
8. Do declines in the global bee population signal foreshadow a global agricultural crisis?
9. Will a recent global heatwave give greater impetus to multinational climate change efforts?
10. Have the BRICS crumbled?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of July 30-August 5, 2018

HOTtopics1. What can the federal government do to encourage more Americans to save for retirement?
2. Does Ocasio-Cortez represent the future of the Democratic Party?
3. Has California done a poor job attacking poverty?
4. How can Kirsten Gillibrand best position herself for a presidential run in 2020?
5. In the event of a military confrontation over Taiwan, how would the Trump administration react?
6. To what extent should the U.S. engage Emmerson Mnangagawa after Zimbabwe’s recent election?
7. Should the Trump tax cuts be made permanent?
8. Is the recent decline of Facebook’s stock a short-term aberration or a canary in the coal mine?
9. Should the RNC aggressively target the New Jersey Senate seat?
10. Are Trump’s economic policies repelling foreign investment?

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