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Extemp Central News Quiz Answers for the Week of April 26th-30th, 2010

Here are the answers for this week’s Extemp Central news quiz.  Coming in a few weeks will be a topic area analysis for CFL Nationals (with an NFL Nationals analysis also coming in a month for USX and IX).  Also, thank you to everyone who has sent in District qualifying information.  If you still have state champion/qualifying information that you would like to have posted on the site e-mail me at [email protected].

Extemp Tournament of Champions (TOC): Extemp Topic Areas

The Extemp TOC, a third tier tourament in the Extemp Central National Points Race, is a little over two weeks away.  Thanks to the tournament staff of the TOC, Extemp Central has procured what the nine topic areas will be for the event.  For extempers who are attending and would like to have this information here you go:

*Domestic Politics
*Domestic Social Issues
*Domestic Economy
*US Foreign Policy
*Russia & Europe
*Asia & Middle East
*South America & Africa
*International Organizations & International Economy

If all goes well, Extemp Central plans to do some live coverage of the tournament from Northwestern University’s campus.  So if you can’t attend the TOC we hope that you can follow the action of the tournament right here at Extemp Central in two weeks.

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of April 27th-May 3rd, 2010

1. Does the fight over financial reform still carry significant resonance with American voters?
2. How will political problems in Iraq impact plans to withdraw all U.S. combat forces this summer?
3. Would the imposition of a VAT cost Obama re-election?
4. Will the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico put a damper on efforts to expand offshore drilling?
5. Can more gun control solve Chicago’s homicide problem?
6. Will Charlie Crist’s reported decision to run as an indepedent cost the GOP its Florida Senate seat?
7. Is the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates too low?
8. Do the signers of public petitions have a right to privacy?
9. Does the Supreme Court’s ruling in the “Mojave Cross” case enhance or destroy First Amendment rights?
10. Will Congress pass comprehensive immigration reform this year?

HotTopics: International Extemp Questions for the Week of April 27th-May 3rd, 2010

1.  What impact will Russia and Norway’s agreement on their Arctic maritime border have on oil and natural gas exploration in the region?
2.  Will the ECFA make Taiwan overly dependent upon China?
3.  How should the international community handle the Chernobyl nuclear site?
4.  Should the Arab League accept the Obama administration’s proposal for indirect Middle East peace negotiations?
5.  How critical is Yemen to the war on terrorism?
6.  Will Belarus extradite Bakiyev?
7.  If Iran acquires a nuclear weapon, will the United Nations become another League of Nations?
8.  Will Jaroslaw Kaczynski replace his late brother as Polish president?
9.  If Labour comes in third in the popular vote, should Gordon Brown remain prime minister?
10.  Can King Bhumibol solve Thailand’s political crisis?

Extemp Central News Quiz for the Week of April 26th-30th, 2010 (Short Answer Version)

Here is your short answer news quiz for this week.  Good luck!

Extemp Central News Quiz for the Week of April 26th-30th, 2010 (Multiple Choice Version)

Here is this week’s multiple choice news quiz. Pick well and good luck!

Extemp News Quiz Answers for the Week of April 19th-23rd, 2010

Here are the answers for this week’s extemp news quiz.  Check back Monday for the new one!

Extemp Central News Quiz for the Week of April 19th-23rd, 2010 (Short Answer Version)

Here is this week’s short answer news quiz.  Good luck!

Extemp Central News Quiz for the Week of April 19th-23rd, 2010 (Multiple Choice Version)

Here is your multiple choice news quiz for this week.  Pick well and good luck!

HotTopics: International Extemp Questions for the Week of April 20th-26th, 2010

1.  Does Jacob Zuma need to be firm with Julius Malema?
2.  Will the Liberal Democrats be the kingmakers of the upcoming British elections?
3.  Are efforts taken to dismantle Al Qaeda in Iraq succeeding?
4.  Does Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas need to step down?
5.  What does the SPLM gain from the latest Sudanese elections?
6.  Is the arrest of Victoire Ingabire a sign of a clampdown on political opposition in Rwanda?
7.  Should Israel inaugurate a new series of “land for peace” deals?
8.  What signal does Ukraine’s extension of a lease on Russia’s naval base in the country send to the West?
9.  Is France’s ban against the niqab unconstitutional?
10. How should Pope Benedict XVI deal with the latest church abuse scandal?

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of April 20th-26th, 2010

1.  What role will abortion play in this summer’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings?
2.  Is it possible for Democrats to steal the tea party’s message?
3.  How can President Obama project more strength on the Iranian question?
4.  Do problems with Massachusetts healthcare model foreshadow problems that will occur under Obamacare?
5.  Is President Obama losing the support of the gay  community?
6.  Do the ends justify the means for the FDA’s plans to limit the amount of salt that is allowed in processed foods?
7.  Are the recent allegations against Goldman Sachs politically motivated?
8.  How should the Supreme Court rule in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez?
9.  Will the ongoing Fort Hood investigation be an embarassment for the Obama administration?
10.  What impact would Charlie Crist’s departure from the GOP have on the party’s national image?

Extemp Central News Quiz Answers for the Week of April 12th-16th, 2010

Since I am at the National Forensic Association national tournament with the Western Kentucky University forensics team this week, I was unable to update the answers for this week’s news quiz.  I apologize for the delay.  Here are the answers for this week’s news quiz.

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of April 13th-19th, 2010

1. Are unemployment benefit extensions hurting the speed of the economic recovery?
2. How far to the left should Obama go in choosing a successor for John Paul Stevens?
3. Why have the U.S. Treasury’s foreclosure-prevention programs failed to get off the ground?
4. Is the tea party movement a growing national security threat?
5. Will Arizona’s passage of a strict illegal immigration bill be replicated in other states?
6. Should the federal government do more to rein in the payday loan industry?
7. Why is financial reform turning into a partisan issue?
8. Was Mitt Romney’s victory in the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll a strong indication that he will be his party’s nominee for president in 2012?
9. Will environmental advocates in the Senate be able to craft a bill that will woo moderate Republicans?
10. Does the victory of Ted Deutch in Florida show that predictions of a strong GOP victory in 2010 are premature?

Small Endorsement: Steve Meadows for NFL Board of Directors

Although we stay away from endorsing any political viewpoints here on Extemp Central, there is one race that is happening in a few months that I thought I would do some brief advertising for. The head forensic coach at my high school in Danville, Kentucky, Steve Meadows, is running for a seat on the NFL Board of Directors (formerly known as the National Council). While students do not get a ballot for this race, any coaches that visit this website might be interested in the credentials that Mr. Meadows brings to the table. Here are a few of them:

* He’s a three diamond coach and has coached for 19 years.
* Has served as Kentucky’s District chair for 13 terms.
* He serves on the Praxis (National Teacher Exam) Standing Committee for Speech Education.
* Founded Kentucky’s state speech teachers’ group, SPEAK.
* He’s worked in the Speech tabulation room at the national tournament for the past three years.
* Has coached four consecutive state championship teams in Kentucky between 2006 and 2009.
* Has coached four national finalists at NFL in four different events.
* He’s a member of the TOC Student Congress committee.

Since I would not have been able to be a part of forensics if it wasn’t for Steve Meadows (and since this website would not exist by proxy), I would like to encourage any coaches out there with a ballot for the NFL Board of Directors to vote for Steve Meadows in this year’s election. Having competed and coached with Steve, I can easily say that he would be a dedicated representative for the forensics community and that coaches across the nation would be satisfied with the representation that he would provide. So coaches, get out and vote!

HotTopics: International Extemp Questions for the Week of April 13th-19th, 2010

1.  Why is violence among labor unions rising in Venezuela?
2.  Will Pakistan’s move to curb presidential powers bring more stability to the nation’s political system?
3.  How will the tragic death of Lech Kaczynski and other members of the Polish political elite impact the nation’s relations with Russia?
4.  Should Kurmanbek Bakiyev flee Krygyzstan?
5.  How much does the military matter in Turkish politics today?
6.  Was it a mistake for FIFA to give South Africa the World Cup?
7.  How can the Conservative Party stop the bleeding and win next month’s parliamentary elections in Britain?
8.  Why is the far right gaining ground in Hungary?
9.  Did Netanyahu make the right decision in choosing not to attend President Obama’s nuclear summit?
10.  How would China react if America adopted a tougher approach to its currency practices?

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