Month: June 2018

Prepd Updates Mobile Apps, Offers FREE Access Through the Summer


l_2Prepd – the software startup behind popular applications for Extemp and Congress – released a major update this week. New versions of Prepd’s iPhone and Android applications are now available. With Version 1.2.0, you can save articles directly to Extemp folders and Congress bills from your phone. Also, the app supports dedicated news reading apps, like Apple News.

Prepd’s blog provides additional details about the mobile app update. Prepd’s mobile initiative is a major focus for the company. Prepd coaches and debaters can expect to see new mobile features soon.

Perhaps of greater interest to those competing at NSDA Nationals or attending a summer camp, Prepd will be entirely free to use from now until September. Although Prepd has offered free membership options in the past (Free Team accounts for groups of students that want to collaborate, and Free One accounts for those who file and compete independently), the free accounts were limited to saving 100 total articles. Now, those restrictions have been removed. You can create a Free Team or a Free One account and save up to 250,000 articles, which is the same article limit enjoyed by Premium (paid) accounts.

To join Prepd for free, visit You will first create an individual user account.

HotTopics: United States Extemp Questions for the Week of June 4-10, 2018


Note:  Due to NSDA Nationals next week, this will be the last set of practice questions until the first week of August.

HOTtopics1. If the Democrats win the midterm elections, who would get the biggest political boost from the triumph?
2. Should more U.S. schools examine alternatives to suspension?
3. If one more state ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment, would it become the Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the Constitution?
4. Should the U.S. deploy an anti-missile system in Germany?
5. Will Medicaid expansion undermine state budgets in 2020?
6. Should cities have the legal right to take custody of homeless peoples?
7. What is behind President Trump’s recent “pardon spree”?
8. How should the U.S. deal with an Iraqi government headed by Muqtada al-Sadr?
9. Should California make alterations to its primary system?
10. Does a U.S. president have the constitutional authority to pardon themselves?

HotTopics: International Extemp Questions for the Week of June 4-10, 2018


Note:  Due to next week being NSDA Nationals, this will be the last set of extemp practice questions until the first week of August.

HOTtopics1. Is Iran’s continued presence in Syria a threat to Israel’s national security?
2. What role should France play in the EU’s efforts concerning defense cooperation?
3. After the downfall of Mariano Rajoy, should Pedro Sanchez immediately call for new elections?
4. Should OPEC work to maintain the price of oil where it is or try to get it to $100 per barrel?
5. Will the reinstatement of fuel subsidies produce significant harm to Brazil’s long-term economic prospects?
6. How can Taiwan’s government engineer higher levels of economic growth?
7. Should the international community worry about a Syrian-North Korean “axis”?
8. How can Eastern European governments best battle corruption?
9. Why is Modi’s popularity slipping in India’s rural areas?
10. Should Great Britain hold a second Brexit vote?

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