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Site News: Thanks for a Great Year!

We hope that you enjoyed the 2010-2011 extemporaneous speaking season and we here at Extemp Central were glad to bring it to you.  This year we saw an extemper with the double crown for the third time, a record breaking National Points Race and National Team Points Race winner, an extemp national title return to Florida, and underclassmen perform well at some of the nation’s biggest tournaments.

Extemp Central looks forward to providing you with coverage of the 2011-2012 season.  The site will not have any updates during the offseason, but we will launch content for the new season starting on August 1st.  Check back then for new news quizzes, questions, R&D sections, and strategy pieces.  CFL and NFL IX winner Dylan Slinger and NFL USX winner Jared Odessky have agreed to do interviews with Extemp Central and we look forward to bringing those to you in August.  Also, Extemp Central will unveil changes being made to the National Points Race, as three new tournaments will be introduced and we will reshuffle the tiers.  We will also release our “underclassmen top ten” pre-season piece.

Thank you to everyone who sent in qualifiers, results, and other information during the year.  Also, thank you to the talented former extempers, Jacob Baker, Tyler Fabbri, Rohan Bhargava, Aaron Lutkowitz, Shahid Ahmed, Steven Elliot, Oscar Wang, James Mohan, Michael Barton, and Mirza Germovic, who volunteered to write previews for the big national circuit tournaments that took place this year.  Without community support, this website would not be as good as it is and we hope that you will join us for another great season next year.

-Logan Scisco

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2012 Extemp TOC: Qual Board is Updated to Reflect NFL Nationals and the North Dakota State Tournament

An updated qualification board for the 2012 Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions has been posted. This qualification board reflects the results of the 2011 National Forensic League National Tournament and the results of the Class A portion of the North Dakota State Tournament.

Forty-one extempers qualified to the Extemp TOC by making octofinals at the NFL National Tournament (category 2B) and three qualified from the Class A section of the North Dakota State Tournament (category 2C). This brings the total number of students who have qualified to next year’s TOC at 132.  Ohio qualified seven extempers to next year’s TOC at NFL Nationals, which was more than any other state.  Kansas still leads other states with twenty-four qualifiers and California sits in second with eleven.  The only routes available to next year’s extempers to qualify for the Extemp TOC is to make elimination rounds at two qualifying tournaments (whose list will be announced before next season) or to make the finals of their state tournament if it is held prior to April 15th, 2012.

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The Final 2010-2011 National Points Race Standings Are Out

The final National Points Race standings for the 2010-2011 season have been released and they reflect the results of the 2011 National Forensic League National Tournament. Check out the latest standings by clicking on the National Points Race tab above or by clicking here.  We will put up the complete spreadsheet of this year’s results, which show where competitors placed outside of the top fifteen and where teams placed outside of the top ten, in the coming days.

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2011 NFL National Tournament: Slinger Pulls Off the Double Crown, Odessky Breaks Florida’s Extemp Drought

The 2010-2011 extemporaneous speaking season has come to a conclusion and at tonight’s 2011 NFL National Tournament awards ceremony, Jared Odessky of Nova High School was crowned as this year’s NFL national champion in United States Extemp and Dylan Slinger of Lakeville South High School in Minnesota became this year’s NFL national champion in International Extemp.  Slinger’s victory gives him a “double crown” of CFL and NFL national championships, making him the third extemper to accomplish the feat.  It is also Slinger’s third major championship.  Odessky becomes the first extemper from Nova High School to win an extemporaneous speaking national championship at NFL and is the first extemper from Florida to win a national championship since Jay Ward won U.S. Extemp in 2002.  Slinger and Odessky each won their respective final rounds and Slinger becomes the first extemper in NFL history to win the final rounds of U.S. and International Extemp in a career. Ashesh Rambachan of Eastview High School in Minnesota was the highest placing underclassmen in either category, finishing one spot behind Slinger in International Extemp.

2011 NFL National Tournament: Post-Final Round Discussion

In this short video, Extemp Central provides tips for extempers who watched today’s United States and International Extemp final rounds at the 2011 NFL National Tournament in Dallas, Texas.  Don’t forget to tune into the NFL’s live stream to watch awards at 5 p.m. CST.

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2011 NFL National Tournament: Semi-Finalist Placings Are Announced

At the conclusion of the United States and International Extemporaneous Speaking final rounds, the National Forensic League recognized the semi-finalists in both categories. Semi-finalists earn National Points Race points relative to how they placed, unlike other National Points Race tournament, which do not recognize the placings of students who do not reach the final round.

Here are the announced placings:

2011 NFL National Tournament: International Extemp Final Round Analysis

The International Extemp final round has just concluded.  Here is Extemp Central’s analysis of the final round.  Extemp Central provides a quick breakdown of the speeches and ranks the round.  A video will be posted this afternoon where more detail will be provided on the rounds and why they were ranked as such.  Awards will take place tonight and when the results are made official, we will bring them to you here at Extemp Central.

2011 NFL National Tournament: United States Extemp Final Round Analysis

The final round of United States Extemporaneous Speaking has just concluded at the 2011 National Forensic League National Tournament.  Extemp Central provides a quick breakdown of the speeches and ranks the round.  A video will be posted this afternoon where more detail will be provided on the rounds and why they were ranked as such.  This was posted in haste, so I apologize for any grammatical errors.

2011 NFL National Tournament: Livestream

NFL has disabled our embedding of the national final stream, so you can access it by clicking here.  U.S. Extemp starts at 9:30 a.m. CST and International Extemp follows at 11:00.

2011 NFL Nationals: Final Round Preview

Extemp Central breaks down the USX and IX final rounds, offers some tips for the final round, and discusses how it will cover tomorrow’s final rounds in Dallas, Texas.  Check back tomorrow morning after the USX and IX final rounds to read a write up on each final.

Note:  Part II is now up.  Part I has the IX preview, Part II has the USX preview.

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2011 NFL Nationals: “The Saturday Six” Are Set

The “Saturday Six” for International and United States Extemp have been selected.  These twelve extempers will compete on Saturday morning for the right to become an NFL champion in their respective extemporaneous speaking category.

If NFL streams the final rounds like last year, Extemp Central will provide a summary of the rounds after they have concluded.  Extemp Central will provide a video preview of the final rounds tomorrow evening.

2011 NFL Nationals: Semi-Finals Have Been Set

The top fourteen in International and United States Extemp have been announced at the 2011 NFL National Tournament.  Of these fourteen, only six will advance to Saturday and compete for the national championship.  Semi-finals start at 2 p.m. CST and we should know by early this evening who our “Saturday Six” should be.

The biggest news is that Nathaniel Donahue, who has led the National Points Race for much of the year, is out of the tournament.  However, Donahue will still win this year’s National Points Race because of the wide lead he opened before the tournament.  This is the second year in a row that the #1 ranked extemper in the National Points Race has fallen in the quarter-final round at NFL.  The biggest National Points Race competitor to fall in IX was Isabelle Taft, who entered NFL in seventh place in the points race and had secured two victories on the national circuit this season.  Other known competitors to fall in the quarter-finals of IX included Pennsylvania extempers Matt Rauen and Sam Reynolds.  United States Extemp, which saw most of its notable competitors advance in octofinals, saw the departure notable competitors in rounds nine and ten, such as Shikha Garg, Samantha Karas, Jason Kim, Jason Singh, and Forrest Richardson, who placed seventh in USX last year.

2011 NFL Nationals: Quarter-Finalists Are Announced

Quarter-finalists have been posted at the 2011 NFL National Tournament.  The thirty-one extempers who have advanced in International Extemp and the thirty that have advanced in United States Extemp will fight it out tomorrow morning and by late tomorrow we will know the names of the six extempers who will be in Saturday’s final rounds.

As per usual, the octofinal round claimed several notable names in this year’s National Points Race and from around the national circuit.  Ben Constine, the winner of this year’s Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions, was the highest ranked National Points Race competitor to fall.  Alessandro Pauri, who was the combined winner of St. Mark’s this year in the National Points Race, was also eliminated in IX.  Paavan Gami, who was in the top twenty-five heading into NFL, was eliminated and Justin Kieran, who won the Liberty Bell Classic this year, were also knocked out in IX.  The octofinal round was also unkind to many of this year’s participants of the Montgomery Bell Academy Extemp Round Robin, as Pauri, Matthew Yasuoka, and Susan Czaikowski were eliminated.  Czaikowski was the biggest name to fall in USX, as she had been a semi-finalist last year in Kansas City.

2011 NFL Nationals: Octofinalists Are Announced

Octofinalists for this year’s NFL National Tournament have been released.  Octofinals conclude this afternoon and quarter-finals and semi-finals will be held tomorrow.  All of these participants will earn National Points Race points and all have earned an automatic qualification to next year’s Extemporaneous Speaking Tournament of Champions at Northwestern University.  We appreciate the National Forensic League for releasing the names of all elimination round participants.

Each extempers rank in this year’s National Points Race, if applicable, has been included next to their name.

2011 NFL Nationals: Got Information? We Want It!

Since Extemp Central is not in Dallas, Texas, we encourage readers to send us updates regarding breaks.  We don’t want codes, we would just like the names of extempers who progress throughout the tournament so that other readers can see who’s still alive and is navigating through the field at the 2011 NFL National Tournament.  If you have information, you can send it to [email protected].

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