Month: September 2012

Extemp Questions – Sept. 24, 2012

Here are your questions for the week:

United States

Which battleground state will prove most important in the 2012 presidential election?

Will the controversy over Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage have a meaningful impact on the Massachusetts senate race?

Will the “replacement ref” controversy lead the NFL to concede to the referee’s demands?

Will voter ID laws last beyond the 2012 election cycle?

Has the presidential campaign disrupted Obama’s ability to fulfil his presidential duties?

Was it wise of Newt Gingrich to raise funds for Todd Akin’s Senate race?

As we enter the 2012 election, how should Republicans plan for 2016?

Does the media focus on election polling distract from substantive campaign issues?

Should the IRS audit churches that participate in “Pulpit Freedom Sunday?”

Do the strong efforts by Obama and Romney to court the Latino vote represent a substantial inclusion on the issues, or is it mere political theatre?


Will Ahmadinejad’s grandstanding in New York increase the chances of an Israeli first strike?

What should China’s top priority be in its ongoing territorial dispute with Japan and Taiwan?

Does the UN have the political will to resolve the food crisis in Syria?

Will Mohamed Morsi’s address to the United Nations have a lasting impact on Egyptian foreign relations?

Does Spain’s EU bailout represent a turning point in the Eurozone’s financial struggles?

Should the UK open an investigation into Trafigura’s conduct in the Ivory Coast?

Do Manmohan Singh’s reforms go far enough to restore India’s economic competitiveness?

What should the AU do to combat Al Qaeda’s influence in North Africa?

Should Mexico’s mass-arrest of police officers be viewed as a positive sign, or an ill omen?

Will Israel’s plan to issue additional work permits to Palestinians help relieve the tension between Israelis and Palestinians?

Extemp Questions – Sept 19, 2012

Here are your questions for the week:

United States

Should Romney apologize for his comments about the 47%?

Can Romney win the electoral college without winning Florida?

Will 2012 be another victory for anti gay marriage ballot measures?

Does “Innocence of Muslims” show that US needs stronger hate speech laws?

Which will provide the greater advantage: Obama’s field office advantage, or Romney’s Super PAC money?

Has Marissa Mayer set Yahoo on path to success?

Have Democrats effectively taken national security away from Republicans as an election issue?

What impact will immigration have on Arizona politics now that new, stricter laws are coming into effect?

Does Chick Fil-A’s decision not to give money to groups that oppose gay marriage represent a substantial victory for the LGBTQ community?

Were government investigators right to clear Eric Holder in their investigation into operation Fast and Furious?


Has “Innocence of Muslims” caused permanent damage to US relations with Libya?

Would the rise of a Japanese 3rd party lead to gridlock or progress?

Should Chinese leaders be worried that anti-Japan protests could spill over into broader unrest?

Should Russia have kept its diamond reserves a secret?

Is British government destined for further devolution of power?

Will this year’s record low Arctic ice cover spur international action?

Are the recent Dutch elections a sign of greater political stability to come?

Will Spain make it through its debt crisis without an ECB bailout?

How should France respond to its cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed?

Should India’s government press forward with its unpopular economic reforms?

Extemp Questions- Sept. 10, 2012

Here are your practice extemp questions for the week of September 10, 2012.

United States

Do early leads in September polling indicate that Obama is a shoo-in for the November election?

Should NBC have aired the Paralympics?

Who should blink in the game of chicken between Chicago teachers and Mayor Rahm Emanuel?

As Ryan and Obama trade barbs over the budget, who will best imbue their viewpoint on budget matters upon the American public?

With the labor force participation rate so low, to what extent will the unemployment rate factor into American voters’ minds?

Will the next Congress be willing to address entitlement reform?

Which speaker from this year’s party conventions is most likely to be a serious contender in 2016?

How can the US avoid going over the so-called “fiscal cliff” this fall?

Does the Buffett Rule have any hope of becoming policy?

Does Netanyahu have any hope of compelling Obama to establish a “red line” for Iran before the November election?


What impact will the transfer of Bagram prison to Afghan control have on the NATO operations in the country?

Can Kenya remain a stable nation?

What impact will the controversy over the murder conviction of Iraqi vice president al-Hashemi have on the political system in Iraq?

Should the Doha Development Round be abandoned as a failure?

Is China’s slowing growth likely to spur renewed stimulus measures from the Chinese government?

Can Francois Hollande fulfill his promise to turn the French economy around in 2 years?

Will rising food prices lead to another round of global 2007-style food riots?

Will bad luck plaguing his attempts to reform Nigeria’s energy market sink Goodluck Jonathan?

Should the Parti Quebecois seek another referendum on Quebec’s independence?

What can be done to prevent the death of the Caribbean coral reefs?

Extemp Linkfest- Sept 6, 2012

Batten down the hatches – the DNC is nearly over, but the US presidential election is a long way from finished. Across the pond, ECB President Mario Draghi is digging in his heels, but the Germans seem less than enthusiastic with his plan. All that and more in this week’s linkfest:

Extemp Questions- Sept. 4, 2012

Here are your practice extemp questions for the week of September 4, 2012.

United States

What can Mitt Romney do to increase his appeal to Latino voters?

How can Obama move beyond “You didn’t build that” as a sticking point for his campaign?

Which political party will benefit the most from the party conventions?

Will a focus on social issues help or hinder Republicans in the 2012 Congressional races?

After his convention speech, is Paul Ryan still an asset to the Romney campaign?

Will Apple’s patent victory over Samsung have a lasting effect on competition in the smartphone market?

After Facebook’s flop, will investors be on board for future tech company IPOs?

Does the handling of Hurricane Isaac indicate that the US still hasn’t learned the lessons of Katrina?

Will the recent spate of high-publicity mass shootings lead to any real changes in US gun control policies?

Are we finally witnessing a true recovery of the US housing market?


Will the influx of Syrian refugees be too much for Syria’s neighbors to handle?

What do renewed Sino-Indian military exercises herald for the relationship between China and India?

Will next month’s peace talks with FARC rebels yield any lasting progress?

Does Moody’s downgraded EU financial outlook increase the chance of a breakup for the Euro?

Can Enrique Pena Nieto turn the tide in the fight against Mexico’s drug gangs?

Which organisation has a better chance of resolving territorial disputes in the South China Sea: ASEAN or APEC?

Can Muhammad Morsi successfully steer Egypt’s economy into recovery?

Will David Cameron come to regret the decision to reshuffle his cabinet?

Does Ethiopia have a brighter future without Meles Zenawi?

What should Jacob Zuma do to defuse the violent conflict between mine workers and mining companies?

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